Welcome domestic and overseas customer!

Our company is experienced in producing daily plastic products, ncluding PVC table cloth, shower curtain, high-grade flooring with environmental protection, etc. of which the production scale is in the lead compare to other manufactures on the same industry in China.

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  • Residenttial

    There are various applications for our products at your residence. We impact your life more than you know of.
  • Aotumotive

    Well’s Car Mat is widely used in vehicles as it is spill proof and highly durable. Car Mat range is fire retardant, temperature stabilized and anti-bacterial.
  • Education

    Similar to hospitality and commercial applications Well has specific products that are used in the education sector.
  • Industrial

    Industrial applications of our products are too many to count. Every now and then we find out new uses for our own products because of innovations of others.